Scrub Jam

Scrub Jam

Scrub Jam

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A nourishing and natural blend of perfectly balanced exfoliating and moisturizing scrub. 

Inspired by luxurious spa treatments, Bufflish scrub jam will gently exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and glowy with a soft orange scent to pep up your morning routine into a holiday spree.

With Nobaj’s scrub jam we ensure gently exfoliate skin | Smooth & Glowy | profound and complex scent that will comfort your senses.


The ingredients of the scrub Jam from Nobaj!:- 

  • -Citrus aurantium dulcis Peel Oil: essential oil extracted from the peel of the fruit with calming properties.
  • -Citrus nobilis Peel Oil:essential oil extracted from the peel of the fruit that preserves the epidermis from aging and anti-stretch marks.
  • -Juglans regia: Vegetable-based biodegradable exfoliating agent.
  • -Citric Acid:  alleviate the appearance of small wrinkles, acne scars, age spot and areas of uneven texture and tone, cleanse your skin deeply, penetrate deep into pores and sucks out oil and dirt as it dries
  • -PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate: vegetable-origin surfactant. refatting agent.
  • -Cocamidopropyl Betaine: vegetable-origin surfactant. 
  • -Sodium Laureth Sulfate: vegetable-origin surfactant. 
  • -Sodium Benzoate:natural Preservative,COSMOS approved
  • -Sodium Hydroxide: a cleansing and denaturing agent. In high concentrations, it's a significant skin sensitizer.


How to use the scrub Jam from Nobaj:- 


  1. Apply a small amount on wet skin, massage with circular movements
  2. To help slough away dead skin cells and Rinse-off 
  3. Leave your complexion looking radiant.

Wait for the Nobaj’s scrub Jam and more bath & body care products soon.


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