1. Beard Wax from Nobaj!

    We are here to take care of your beard as we advised you previously, and here you are. Completely satisfied with the results and your appearance, and here we are again recommending you to use Grace Wax to take care of the beard, the logical question, you have to say and why should I use Grace wax in addition to Grace oil and conditioner?


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  2. The beard oil from Grace

    What are the oil ingredients? What is the benefit of these components? How can I use it? Well, there is no need to hurry in the next few lines we will give you a satisfactory answer. 


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  3. Do women prefer men with beards?

    When I was at school, the beard looked like a distinctive sign, for the boys who will become the target of the beautiful girls, it was a sign that this boy who grew a beard is the most manly and soon one of them becomes the leader of the school and the rest are like the ministers and elite in the simple school community, while I was not one of them, I was hoping for this and waiting for my beard to gently grow.


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