How can I stop having dry skin? 


Dry skin happens for multiple reasons, a matter of fact we have to address what are the causes and factors behind, it may be metabolic (thyroid problem), a kidney problem, or a dry skin because of a liver disease, you need to address these issues if they are override issues. 


Your job is to put the hydration in mind, because what mainly happens with the skin dryness is an evaporation through the pores of the skin itself. Lack of enough moisture leads to a drier skin. Normal skin without issues is capable of maintaining the moisture and preventing the evaporation. 


1- Use a pumice stone to remove the outer layers of the dead skin. 

2- Use suitable moisturizers for the skin. 

3- you could use a suitable scrub Jam to exfoliate the dead skin, and to pave the way to the moisturizers to do their part. 

4-Shea butter is a second to none ingredient in the moisturizers components. 

5- Vaseline could be a perfect ointment for skin care. 


Piece of Advice on how to keep a healthy routine for your skin:- 


1- Wash your face twice on a daily basis. (otherwise just wash to get the dirt out after working out maybe). 

2- Stay away from using genetic soap, it is so harmful for your skin,a proper face wash would be ideal (shower gel or foam). They could help maintain the natural oils. 

3- Use enough amount to cover the whole face, and distribute evenly throughout using your fingers rather than your palm to give your face a proper massage. 

4- Go easy on your face as it is super sensitive, do not rush the results. 

5- Wash your face off gently, to get rid of the cleanser, oil, and leftover dirt (reasons behind the awful pimples). 

6-Lukewarm water is a perfect suit to wash your face and avoid any skin complications. 

7- Exfoliating your face once weekly, its texture is a bit harsh, make sure to go easy on your face using your fingertips, it is your key to have brand new healthy skin. 

8- Ripping off your skin cells daily is harsh & harmful to your skin. 

9- Having facial hair, you have to use proper beard care products

10- Have a specific dedicated towel for your face. (Small one to rub only your face). 


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