How to choose your style? 

The way you dress tells more than you think about who you really are. What you wear could play a big role in the way people perceive you. We all know that first impressions last. So make it as versatile and simple as possible. 


Rule of thumb to guide you through the journey and better to be fully aware of,
- How do you look now and what do you need to deliver to the world? 

- Your personality and what you are ready to let go to reach your goals. 


After all what mainly lies behind defining your own style would be without doubt boosting your confidence and attractiveness. You may find yourself getting the most expensive piece of cloths, and in top-notch styles but not feeling yourself into them, they are not comfortable enough, to be simply put, you aint feeling like you. 


What could really be a dilemma, you choosing to wear something as a copy of someone else’s style. Remember “imitation is suicide” especially if you do not find yourself in them and they make no sense afterall. So be alarmed not to run after brands pushing you to buy this season's collection. 


For the upcoming lines Nobaj will guide you through how to look sharp. 


I like to think of fashion like gaming, no matter how good you think you are on it, there is always someone else who is doing it better. The difference is by the end of the day, you are the one that the size would look good on you. 


The main issue with fashion is there are tons of styles, people get confused about what to consider as good. It gets harder if you do not know where to start! 


First things first, find your interests, what are you passionate about, then you can search for someone who nails this style, and start emulate that and do really pay attention to the details

Being young gives you an edge here, you get to try as many styles till you find something that really suits you, and from this you could develop your own signature style. 


Second thing is to always focus on the fit over the brand, I think it makes it more impressive when you do not have to rely on logos to make you stylish. 


Third thing, think of what you are wearing, and what your outfit is trying to convey. You want to fit the occasion that you are going to attend, do not get shy to show up, you have to be confident about who you are, do not see it as overdressing, you are just perfectly well-dressed. 


The fourth thing is to figure out what works best for you and what does not, even if you are going to borrow some accessories to try on, you have to see what goes well with your overall style and what you can do without. Because mimicking the look does not mean you will give the same impression, you may need to switch up or switch out one item or two to make the outfit more personal. 


This actually comes from many different reasons, your body style, confidence, and hair. After all your mission is to pull all the strings together, get the inspiration and try new things, be unique and do something different from following the trends and norms, and stay true to yourself.