Growing a healthy, and intact beard cannot happen overnight, no magic button to have a full & thick beard in no time. 

Beard trimming


A good beard means, a healthy, and well groomed one with no irritation or dryness whatsoever. It is all about putting time and effort to have this stupendous look, every gentleman is aiming to achieve. 


With a healthy beard there is no suffering from beard burn by your partner, and no scratching from an itch. 


A man who cares about growing a healthy & shiny beard would make the best out of his facial hair even if it looks thinner or patchier than others.  

How could someone reach this level of beard care & styling? 

First of all, considering the edges, then starting to trim as required, and the most important part to look for is the best way to nourish your facial hair and skin. 


Below we discuss top tips and tricks to get the beard maintenance you deserve, and to start having the satisfying result. 


Trimming your beard to take a U shape of the Neckline:- 


Trimming Beard Neckline


This part specifically could be quite challenging, as it usually creeps into the facial hair. Do not bother if you committed a mistake or got it wrong at the first trial, it is a matter of practicing and getting used to handling the trimming tools. 


Using your middle finger and index to trim your neckbeard, placing them together over the adam’s apple to draw the baseline for the underside part of the beard.  


Have the U shape from the back of your ears to the jawline. This the best shape of neckline, it is preferable to use a highly performing power beard trimmer such as (Philips Norelco Multi Groomer 7750, Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer, Brio Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer, Philips Norelco OneBlade Pro Hybrid, or Remington PG6025 Beard Trimmer). 


Now you have to merge your neckline into the facial hair, same as what the barber does to the sides of your haircut with the fuller top.   


If your beard is not that heavy or bushy, there is no need for a faded neckline. It is better to avoid that contrast. Instead you can start trimming halfway up for a solid contrast. 


Within one inch you will achieve the graduation required from a bare neck to a full facial hair. 


Then comes the turn of one of the most significant parts of facial hair, “the mustache” which is worth the same effort as any other part. For the top tip to maintain a well groomed mustache we quote MCMilles words “  “maintain a normal ‘resting’ face when trimming, to assure your mustache is even with all expressions.” It is always recommended to use scissors rather than the electric clippers to achieve the desired natural look, you can have a special scissors from Nobaj, when you get the beard-kit from Grace!.  


All you have to do is, choose a suitable length, comb the hair away from your face, then get rid of the top layer, you have the needed tools to get the required look (the comb & scissors) form nobaj!.  


Nobajs’ products offer you moisture, nurture, and growth.  The Beard Oil has the ability to give you a thick & smooth beard, while the beard wax offers you a long-lasting shiny shape of your beard. On the other hand we have the beard conditioner which acts as a conditioning and moisturizing agent treats skin inflammation & acne. You can get all in one when you obtain the beard-kit from Nobaj!