Tips to grow a healthy & intact hair: 


A man’s hair is a pivotal part of his entire look. We have so many aspects to take into account, (how to style, to what length, and whether to cut it or leave it a bit longer). Simple yet leaves us men totally perplexed. 


Nobaj is ready to help, we will show you how to give your hair the care it deserves to end up with a better hair quality & to handle letting your hair grow out. 


1- Avoid using force while drying your hair:


 Men usually step out of the shower in a hurry using the towel to rub their hair strongly until it dries out. Stop this now! 


After a shower especially a hot one our hair is totally susceptible to breakage & damage. Keeping doing this would lead only to a ruin of the outer layers of your hair plus unwanted split ends. 


Better to gently pat dry the hair, and make sure you do this in the direction it grows. If you are willing to use a hair dryer, make sure to keep it at the lowest temperature, and avoid overheating and drying. 


2- Heat could be your hair nightmare: 


While lowering your hair dryer heat is a must to keep a healthy hair, it is a role of thumb, no heat is always the best routine for hair care. 


Even a hot shower could have a negative effect on your hair, as it strips the hair from the natural oils that keep your hair moisturized which would lead to hair dryness. 


That being said, cut back on the heat, gently pat dry your hair, and stay away from overdrying the hair. 


3- Do you like wearing hats?

Sometimes wearing a hat could give you this dashing look & style, but unfortunately it could cause hair damage and fall as they badly affect the roots of the hair. Role of thumb when you pick a hat it has to be loose-fitting hats. 


4- Thin Hair and Top of Head Covering:


Stop covering the top of your head with hair from the sides. It does not make it any better, embrace it man just cut your hair in a suitable shape that matches your face shape and thin hair. 


Following these tips would help you a great deal not only to style your hair but also to keep it healthy and shiny. 


5- Stay away from overusing hair products: 


This does not mean you have to stop your hair wax or gel, instead overdoing this would lead only to having an unhealthy and unnatural hair look. All you have to do is use a suitable amount. 


6- Hair Wash:


Stop overwashing your hair, it only makes your hair dryer and strips away the natural oil, it is recommended not to use the shampoo more than twice weekly. 


7- Growing a Long Hair:

Hair growing is quite a different case scenario from having a full beard. Your tools would be patience and time. Have the right style in mind and use the right product that matches your hair type. Follow Nobaj for more cool tips for a better look and health.