It is quite expected that after one month in the quarantine your beard is bushing up & out. You have these thoughts to make the best out of this social distance period by trying to grow into a full beard. 

Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of visiting a barber, but the happy news we are here to guide you through how to take care of that beard!.

Staying home does not mean you are shutting down all methods of communication with people, you still use zoom calls and other video calls programmes. You have to look your best in all case scenarios. 

Nobajstyle offers you top tips and tricks to have a nicely trimmed beard.

 First of all, have the needed tools: 


No better than a suitable men’s grooming kit to ease the journey of maintaining a healthy and shiny beard. 


  1. A small wooden comb would do the magic to trim your beard & maintain the preferred style. 
  2. A suitable brush matching your beard thickness & length is a must to train your beard to take the most wanted directions.
  3. An electric shaver to get rid of the disturbing areas of your beard, otherwise you could better use the scissors. 
  4. Beard Balm (Wax) to do the wonder, changing your beard completely be adding smoothness and flexibility to style your beard while keeping a long-lasting shape during the day. 

Second, Washing, cleaning, and Oil to be your daily routine:


No one loves a dull & bleak beard, nothing makes a hateful beard than a dirty one, your beard is exposed to debris all the time, while sleeping, cooking or taking part in any daily activity. This is so normal, as it is part of the beard nature being greasy and oily. This being said, you could easily defy this by getting your beard a natural beard oil with a lovely fragrance. Many of us men love to go the extra mile with a beard care routine, lucky we have what it takes to achieve that, we could prepare our beards to relieve the oil using a natural beard conditioner rich in vitamin E & other essential oils. 


 Skin Exfoliation beneath your beard: 

Your beard’s skin is not different from your facial skin, it gets flaky and suffers irritation too. 

Here comes the importance of using an exfoliating product to remove the dead skin cells. A hot steamy shower then applying a natural scrub jam would do the magic and get your beard the love it needs. After shave creams could be just a perfect solution to close your pores and protect your skin from infection. 

⏩ What to avoid when trimming your beard? 

Growing a healthy lengthy beard out requires patience and carefreeness about how messy it looks in the first two months, avoid over-grooming your beard, better to trim it once every two weeks. All you need to do is remove the cheeks hair & jaw line. Do not exhaust yourself with how sharp your beard line looks, leave these  geometric shapes work to the barbers. Last but not least stay home and stay safe. Nobaj.