Top Beauty Tips for Men

There are important checkboxes to tick when it comes to what defines an attractive gentleman. It works like magic, all you have to do is follow up these habits which would turn you to a woman magnet who enjoys a flawless life. 


  1. Your Hygiene is pivotal: 

First and foremost make sure you smell nice, with shaved armpits, clean teeth (no cigarette smell), and taking care of every single part of your body to be stainless. No shame in staying longer in shower, cleaning thoroughly rather than partially, scrubbing that back and not forgetting your ears or belly button. 


  1. Choosing an effective deodorant: 

Now you fully understand how important it is to take care of your hygiene. It is time to take it to the next level, choosing a suitable deodorant, not a must to get an expensive one, it is all about finding a nice and sweet one that gives you the irresistible smell and freshness you are after, something like (crystal deodorants) without chemicals and smells great


  1. Using perfume moderately: 

A matter of fact smelling good aint evolving around your armpits, and ignoring the rest of your body, we love to hear compliments about how wonderful we smell every now and then. which is centered around choosing the one perfume that highlights who you really are. We are not forced to pick an expensive perfume but still better no to go so cheap using the same deodorant all over every inch of our bodies. Nowadays pheromone perfumes are a thing and charming, no shame in giving it a go. 


  1. A lovely smile comes from healthy teeth: 

The first thing to be noticed about you is whether you got that healthy looking teeth or a bad one. Having healthy intact teeth do always deliver an amazing first impression. 

While your tools for long-term healthy teeth are the toothbrush and toothpaste. Wash them twice on a daily basis and you shall remain out of any teeth troubles. Spend at least 3 minutes rubbing over them, you can also try flossing to reach the optimal care level for your teeth. 


  1. Choosing the right hairstyle: 

Trying a clean haircut which matches your face & age and reflects your personality. A messy hair not only makes you look terrible but also lowers your confidence level. The one which looks good on you, would be ideal to give you that utter shift in your appearance. If you do not prefer the baby face so get ready to have a full and thick beard with nobaj, cause nobody likes a patchy one right? 

  1. Trimming your mustache & beard: 

Not to give people a hard time to locate your mouth and facial features. Trim your beard with scissors and an appropriate beard comb. If you are not ready to give your beard the needed care from oil and clean so better to get rid of the whole beard. 


  1. Having healthy skin care: 

This is when you have to give your skin enough moistness, a man with healthy skin is a man who takes good care of himself. Get rid of that dead skin, and replenish your skin with an organic scrub jam suitable for your skin type. 


  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle: 

You are what you do, your habits and manners today would define what you shall be in the near future. Many of us men are faraway from sticking to a healthy routine, instead we have this nonchalant attitude of what happens happens we cannot care less. Unfortunately everything adds up to the ultimate outcome and what we turn out to be. 

What you intake of food, (do without junk food, sugar, excessive amounts of salt or sweets), less TV, more workout and hitting the gym more often.


  1. Pick clothes the represent who you really are: 

Not the easiest part if you are not in shape. So suit up or pick whatever you want and make you feel more comfortable and confident. Whether you prefer to look rich or simple, everything has what best represents. Not to forget picking a perfectly suited pair of shoes, simply they outshine everything else. 


  1. Get enough sleep (7 to 9 hours of good night sleep).