The beard has become since quite a very long time, an aim for men who desire to have a stunning look and an unequivocal attractiveness. But unfortunately they could not find what they hope for, as different face shapes need different beard styles to match with them. Nobaj dedicates this article to show you up main roles to choose the suitable beard shape for your face, stay with us to achieve what we call ‘the perfect beard”  

When it comes to the beard shape, here you have the principles to abide by and what you need to follow: your beard & jaw have to work side by side to get the optimum shape you desire.  

Our role of thumb for a suitable beard style, is making sure your beard is not extended to your general face skelton. As explained by “Maram Chai Hyd”, the famous designer from Los Angeles, who worked with many famous bearded men, like  David Beckham, Michael Phelps, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Kendrick Lamar and Sam Smith. He says “ it is always recommended not to leave sharp lines where the facial hair starts and ends, it should be quite fainted at the checks and neck line. 

If you have a square or circle face shape, you need to have a full beard extended to the lower part of your face, to give the feeling of a long face. If you have a rectangular face you will need more hair in both face sides, while avoiding the hair in the lower part of the chin. Once you dictate your face shape, we will start out other articles and set off the journey of the beard care products from Grace to discover the new products which would help you with mastering the basics of the beard care. 


First: The Square Face 

Keeping a full thick beard on your chin, while having a short hair on both sides of the face, here Hyde adds “try to avoid setting your beard to a big angle and directed in the area from the lower jaw part to chin, in other words, we are not willing to show up how square our face is. Our main goal is to add a bit of a circle edge down the beard. 


Second: The circle face 

The hair grows in the lower part for a long time, while gets shorter in the sides, just make sure you are cutting your beard with an angle from the lower part (Where your beard starts till it ends). This would help having a smaller size face that is long, which is so cool. 


Third: A rectangular face 

Keeping both sides complete, just remember to make sure of the beard shape to fill and acute angles around your jawline. Hyde explains. "We don't want your beard to be too thin around the jawline. We want to fill it in this area."


Fourth: an oval face

The oval faces are considered medium ones, among the other shapes, so all the types would work just fine with you. Same goal?you do not want to have a circular shape filled in both sides. Hyde strongly warns against thisl. 


Now we think, you have another issue, how to shape your beard?, Nobaj won’t leave you through any of the stages, keep reading the article to find the answer for your questions with more details. 


Things you will need:- 



How to shave your beard? 

Don't be afraid, there are some simple tricks you can rely on to help you figure out the best way to shape and style your beard. The beard shape accentuating facial features helps create a mature and masculine look. Once you've decided on an appropriate style, you can preserve it by keeping it stylish and periodically restoring key areas such as your sideburns, neckline and cheeks.


1-Choose a complementary form

Determine your natural face shape, then look at the mirror and note what distinguishes you, do you have a jawed engrave, or do your cheeks stand out a little? Is your head an ideal oval or looks like an inverted pyramid? Take creative visualization to define the changes needed to achieve a more consistent look.


First Step:- 

Measure your forehead and jawbones, and find the distance between the crown and chin. The measurements will be an indication of how your head and face are organized. Determine the ideal beard style when identifying the features that can distinguish it.


Second Step:- 

Let the hair get gradually longer when it reaches your chin, and this will have an effect that makes each of your features look more balanced. A small amount of beard oil will help you to keep your beard-shaped carefully throughout the day.


The third step

Keep your beard on both sides to fill the thin face, some men suffer from the opposite problem - a long, thin head shape, if you are one of these men, you can trim the hair on the edge of your chin to get rid of excess length, but leave the thick tufts around the cheeks and sideburns intact, this will add some Sparkle around the sides of your face, and be careful not to let your beard grow too much on both sides


The fourth step

If your mustache does not completely connect to the chin hair, you may completely do without it and go to a beard with a zigzag pattern or with a separate mustache, and leave a strip of extra space on either side of your mouth, once your face hair is not thick and connected this does not mean that you cannot do what suits you.


2-Trim your beard


The first step

Comb your beard. Pass the [u1] micro-toothed beard comb or a small hairbrush through facial hair from the cheek to the chin. Style your hair out, away from your face, all in one direction. This will give you a better feel of the length of your beard, and make it easier for you to trim it without making costly mistakes. Daily combing is necessary to define areas that need trimming, prevent tangles, and redistribute natural oils. 


The second step

Use the beard trimmer to control how much you remove, slowly move the cutting head on your face with light pressure, if your goal is to reduce the thick beard, move up.If you prefer to keep a large part of the beard, move the shaver down in the same direction of the hair naturally.


Initially set the machine to a size of about 9mm, and go to a lower setting if you want the beard to be shorter, that way you can avoid shaving accidentally. Beard trimmers provide a more personalized trimming experience due to their ability to cut hair to a fixed length with each pass, unlike scissors that force you to cut full strands in one piece.


The third step

Start from the outside, once the sides look good, move the scissors inward and go to the chin and mustache area, check carefully that both parts are equally symmetrical, and that both sides of your face match.


The fourth step

The sideburns stage may be difficult and need some precision, as it is an extension of your beard or hair on your head. Assuming that the hair on your head and beard are roughly equal in the same length, you can let the sideburns go smoothly from the top to the bottom, but if one is much longer than the other, Try to loosen your sideburns by gradually using smaller blades so that the difference is not so difficult.


Special neckline

The first step

Place two fingers just above the Adam's apple, hold your fingers sideways and place them on your throat. This is the right place where the neckline should start. It will only leave the space that most stylists recommend ending the beard (neckline) about 1 - 1.5 inches (2.5 - 3.8 cm) above the middle of your neck.


The second step

Shave all the hair under your top finger, make a small mark for reference. Cut the lower ends of the beard so that it forms a clean, straight line, the neckline is just as important as the rest of the beard, the bad-looking necktie can ruin an elegant suit, so it is the case with the neckline.


The third step

Form the neckline in a gentle curve from ear to ear, now it's time to finalize, Think of an imaginary line that extends below your chin in a “U” shape, then pull the remaining hair on either side of the Adam’s apple, when it ends, the neckline should reflect the shape of the jaw Approximately.


The fourth step

Removing any remains from a manual razor, go back to the area you just flew out to remove the hair, not only will this form the neckline to look pure, but also help not to grow again too quickly, which is of course undesirable.


4- Take care of your beard 


The first step

Wash and dry your beard out before shaping it, use shampoo and conditioner to regularly cleanse and soften facial hair, after taking a shower, be sure to trim until you leave time for your beard to dry completely and restore its original shape, this is the time to control more easily than others.


The second step

Clean the borders of the beard on the cheeks, direct the machine to remove hair from the edges because it gives an unreal intensity and it is better that the density of the beard, in the upper part (cheeks) appear as it is in the lower part (chin) rather than become different. 


The third step

Trim stray hair, use scissors to cut any overhanging strands that managed to escape, tilt your head at different angles so you can easily see the hair, each part of the facial hair should be of a uniform length.


Important Advice

Get used to taking care of your beard every two weeks, depending on how fast it grows and how you look.

Continue using Grace's high-quality beard oil and natural oil ingredients to restore moisture, combat itching and irritation and keep facial hair healthy.


Don't be afraid to try different styles, if your beard has always been a frustrating experience for you, it may be that you haven't found the right way to adapt it to your face yet.


Follow us and don't forget, Nobaj still have some important advice and information about how Grace products for beard can be used.