Frequently Asked Questions about beard oils


Is beard oil worth it? 

It has been proven that nothing has the quality of changing your hair growth rate, yet using a natural beard oil made of (Jojoba & argan oil) is considered as a stomping ground where your hair could enjoy the perfect condition which results in healthy beard growth (no more breakage ends, with a thicker appearance, and a faster length). 


Can beard oil be used on head hair?

Your head skin is way thicker than your face skin. Provided that your scalp is quite rich in sebaceous glands compared to your face. Which gives us the confidence to say that using a beard oil on your scalp works wonders, and in no time you get to see the astonishing impact on your head hair. 


What beard oil does?

The core job of the beard oil is to achieve the highest possible levels of softness and moisturization for beard hair. It is beneficial for the skin also beneath your facial hair. It is essential to achieve the fuller look of your beard while keeping it soft and tamed. 

Which beard oil works best? 

When it comes to picking a suitable beard oil, you have to go natural all the way. Any beard oil products which promote natural ingredients would be perfect for your beard & skin, and keeps you protected from skin irritation or and other side effects. It is also recommended to use products that contain (apricot kernel, Jojoba, coconut and argan oil). 

When to apply beard oil?

It is highly recommended to apply beard oil twice per day; first thing in the morning after a hot shower, and before going to bed, you can use a bit more at night and leave it to be completely absorbed by morning. 

Where can I buy beard oil? 

It could be easily found on Nobaj online store for health & beauty products. Or any other shop-online website which promotes beauty products and grooming tools for men. 

Which beard oil is best for beard growth? 

There are some essential oils which stimulate beard growth (lavender oil, rosemary oil, Peppermint oil, etc…). However, you have to dilute these oils with other skin friendly oils before using them on your skin. 

Will beard oil cause acne? 

The main cause for acne is the collection of bacteria beneath the skin, your beard is prone to dust & dirt during the day with the use of oil without proper cleansing, you are creating a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. A regular wash for your face is vital to prevent the development of acnes. 

What to use beard oil or balm

Being rich in nutrients and essential vitamins make the beard oil second to none when it comes to treating your beard thickness, smoothness, and length. But what the beard oil does not offer is a long-lasting hold and shine for your beard which could be effortlessly obtained using a beard balm. If you can afford both you have to go for the two of them, otherwise the beard oil would be sufficient as a start in your beard care journey. 

Beard oil or conditioner

The similarities between the two products are known & a matter of fact intended, the conditioner has existed to enhance the beard oil roles in nourishing the beard and in treating any beard itching, tangling or oversensitivity of the skin. All you have to do is put in mind to pick a silicone-free conditioner with the attributes needed to achieve high levels of moisture to complete the oil’s job and achieve the best results. 


Which is better beard oil or cream?

The beard oil stands out whenever you compare two products for beard care especially if the talk considers the better moisturizer. Comparing the oil to the cream, it has a better effect, and longevity. While the beard cream hands down is considered a top-notch alternative to the oil, with a touch of shine and sheen. 


How to use beard oil? 

  1. squeeze the beard oil bottle to fill the applicator. 
  2. Add two to three drops of oil to hands’ palm, you can add more based on how long your beard is. 
  3. spread the oil to cover all your fingers for better spread in your beard. 
  4. Apply the oil to your beard deeply into the roots in a backwards motion against the hair.
  5. leave the oil as long as it takes to get fully absorbed.