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Grace Beard Grooming Kit

Grace Beard Grooming Kit

259.00 AED

 Style your beard with Grace's Beard Grooming Kit Loaded with natural and organic oils, these formulas put an end to flaky, itchy skin, allowing your beard to be long and strong without irritating your complexion.

Beard Kit Grace - Nobaj


⏩ Get full care of your beard with Grace's full set of products, provided by Nobaj,  which are made of natural oils. It helps to make your beard strong and smooth and without any skin irritation.

The set consists of (beard oil) which nourishes and softens the hair, with beard (conditioner) for washing and moisturizing the beard, and also (wax) for styling the beard and mustache when going out for an attractive look. 

1.⏩First, the beard oil from Grace:-

Get nourishing and protection for your beard with the beard oil from Grace, thanks to its unique blend of natural oils and sunscreens, which softens your beard's hair, gives it nourishment.


⏩ Ingredients of the beard oil:-

Apricot kernel oil is rich in various vitamins that promote hair softness and treat hair damaging.

Natural argan oil is able to penetrate hair pores and moisturize from the inside for smooth, and shiny hair.

Jojoba oil prevents hair loss and fights dandruff.

Castor oil with moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties that resist itching and allergies and soothes the skin, to grow hair healthy and soft. 

Sunscreens (USB-15F) that protect skin and hair from UV rays that affect hair moisture and make it dry and brittle.


⏩ It is recommended to use beard oil in the morning after washing the face. Massage 3 drops of oil evenly on the palm of your hands and gently pass the oil on the beard and mustache hair to the roots and extremities and into the skin. Then comb your beard with a comb or the special brush from Grace.


⏩ Second, The Beard Conditioner from Grace:-

Grace's conditioner is used as facial cleansers and gives your beard a fresh, clean hygiene so that it is ready to use the oil. It also has a smell like lemon scent with smoky oud.


⏩ The Beard Conditioner Ingredients:-

A unique blend of marshmallow root oil that promotes hair growth being highly rich in proteins and its ability to soften and straighten hair naturally and make combing easier.

Apricot butter is rich in various vitamins that help to soften the beard hair and protect it from hair breakage.

Vitamin E helps to improve blood circulation, treat damaged hair follicles. Vitamin E also contains antioxidants that protect body tissues from erosion, thereby reducing the risk of premature graying.

Oregano Leaf Deeply moisturizes the coarse and dry beard hair and makes it smoother and gives you easy control of the bristles.

Soybean oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that help penetrate deeply into the hair to moisturize and improve its growth, increase its softness. 


⏩ Use the conditioner twice a week for best results, wash your check hair thoroughly with warm water and then gently massage the appropriate amount of conditioner over the entire wet chin hair evenly (the amount varies to suit the density of the beard), use a medium tooth comb to detangle and straighten the hair, leave the conditioner to work for 3-5 minutes, then wash your beard thoroughly with cold water.

⏩ The package must be shaken well before proceeding to use.


⏩ Third, Beard Wax From Grace:-

The styling Wax gives you a stylish and modern look for your beard and helps you to style and control frizzy hair.It also gives your beard a long lasting shine and firmness to get an attractive beard and mustache, and enjoy full protection for sensitive skin. it contains:


⏩ Components of the Wax:-

Rich in vitamins and anti-inflammatory beeswax, it works to deeply moisturize hair and skin and control the beard's firmness as you want.

A unique range of essential oils and natural ingredients for a more stable and distinctive oriental scent

Jojoba seed butter is fast absorbing that cleans skin pores and fights dandruff.

 ⏩ The Beard Wax is used for styling when going out. Take a small amount of wax with your fingers, then spread it evenly over the palm of your hands, then gently pass them on the face hair and mustache. Use a grace comb or brush to comb, and get your favorite style.


⏩ Components of the beard styling tools: -

  1. Custom wooden brush for beard hair.
  2. Wooden comb.
  3. Scissors to trim beard hair. 


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