Why the beard oil from Grace, Its ingredients and benefits?


We previously advised you with Grace oil to take care of your beard,  And we are here again to answer some of your questions! 


What are the oil ingredients? What is the benefit of these components? How can I use it? Well, there is no need to hurry in the next few lines we will give you a satisfactory answer. 


This amazing mixture of natural oil, could easily and in no time turns your beard to have this elegant look, and to be your most appreciated asset, which incredibly reflects, and highlights your personality and features.


What is so special about the beard oil from Grace


One of the main reasons that significantly motivates you to start using the oil would be unequivocally the awful itching every bearded man suffers from, but the good news is that now, with the help of grace’s oil you can finally get rid of it. 


We have to look thoroughly into the main reason behind this itchy, a man after growing his beard for almost one month would notice a simple itchy, but to understand the main reason for it we look at what happens to the skin underneath the beard, and the roots of the facial hair, you have a couple of glands called sebaceous gland. These glands are the key to making sure your beard has the proper nurture. They are responsible to provide your beard with natural oils to take care of your beard no matter how long it is, it has a limit of oil generation. Here comes the role of the beard oil to complete the unfinished work of the glands, and provide you with a fulfilling nurture of your beard. But the beard itchy is nothing but half the story, you have a dry skin, to a degree when you start to itch the skin it peels off, what makes the usage of the beard oil from Nobaj indispensable. 


The regular use of the beard oil helps with hair breakage, and brittles, you are no longer in need to cut your beard. we focus a lot on taking care of your beard while caring for your skin health with the beard oil, it actually helps. Makes your beard less tangled, softer and gives it a dazzling shine.


It is necessary to better understand the ingredients of the oil that makes it widely used in beauty products. It is mainly used out of being made of natural components, without any chemical effects, it has all the required ingredients to get the same moisturizing and nurturing levels but even better.


It is necessary to understand the composition of Grace oil for beard care:-


  • First: - Apricot kernel oil rich in various vitamins that promote hair growth and treat hair damage, apricot granules contain a percentage of 40 to 50% of the oil, looks like almond oil and peach oil, both of which are extracted from the fruit, apricot oil is used in cosmetics to soften the skin, the oil is mainly composed of oleic acid and linoleic acid, both of which are unsaturated fats, a light moisturizing oil resembling almond oil and oil Peaches, both of which are extracted from the nucleus of the fruit. Apricot oil is used in cosmetics to soften the skin, the oil mainly consists of oleic acid and linoleic acid, both of which are trans fats, a light moisturizing oil suitable for sensitive skin. Grace oil works on moisturizing and nourishing, even better.


  • Second: - Natural Argan Oil with its ability to penetrate the pores of the hair and moisturize it from the inside for soft, non-greasy, shiny hair.

If you've searched for any good beard oil, you'll undoubtedly have heard about argan oil several times, not just in beard oil.

It is the world of the most luxurious and beneficial face oils, when you understand the benefits of this oil you will be surprised.


Here are the most popular benefits that argan oil gives you:

1- Reduces inflammation.

2- Argan oil contains essential oleic substances known as omega 9 and linoleic omega 6

These fatty acids work together to fight inflammation effectively with bioflavonoids.


Natural moisturizer, Argan oil is an antioxidant cocktail, which helps to create the best environment for both skin and beard, it is a non-greasy oil, so you will notice its effect with a high-quality beard oil like Grace oil, it will spread to your skin and do its job.


Thirdly, golden jojoba oil, which prevents hair loss, increases its density and fights dandruff.

Jojoba beard oil, and the countless other natural oils in the field of natural products that the world is currently interested in. We humans made a mistake when we moved away from everything natural and used chemicals.


Then we discovered now that nature provided us with the best, so we went back to nature and jojoba oil began to appear prominently in the field of beard care and all things relevant to hair, but why?


In the eighteenth century, a group of Jesuit missionaries, wandering, collected and pulverized a strange seed and then used it as a simple conditioner for hair. This was the first known use of jojoba. Jojoba oil resembles whale oil, which is closer to the oil.


It is produced by humans which is sebum oil, compared to other natural oils such as coconut, sunflower or even almond oil, this oil has a longer life span since then Jojoba oil has continued to increase, has been used in the manufacture of soap, skin products and shampoo, as it has been used In the pharmaceutical industry, recently it has been used in beard care products, unlike many oils, and jojoba oil contains triglycerides and other substances that leave heavy fatty deposits in their natural state.


This oil is brilliant in taking care of your beard and smoothing it, it gives you the merit of natural oil, superb for your beard care, secured and not allergic. 


Grace Beard Oil naturally moisturizes the skin under your beard by getting rid of dead cells, jojoba oil will keep your beard healthy and soft.


Jojoba beard oil contains vitamins A, D and E, which means it perfectly matches the natural ones produced by the body.


Consequently, it gets absorbed by your face and beard effortlessly, and has found anti-fungal properties. Jojoba Beard Oil is 2% saturated fat while the rest is unsaturated fat; this is great news because the oil can easily penetrate the hair follicles and strengthen the hair from the inside Unlike other types of oils, jojoba oil lasts for a long time; while other oils tend to lose their effectiveness in a short period After applying.


Fourthly, castor oil, with its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties, which resists itching, allergies, and soothes the skin, for healthy and dense hair growth. Castor oil is a pale yellow oil extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. The Egyptians and Indians have the credit with discovering the benefits of castor oil, especially for the beard. 


Castor oil has some properties that make it ideal for a beard: - 


Omega-9 fatty acids, triglycerides, are rich in ursolic acid, vitamin, Minerals, proteins and castor oil with these ingredients do great tasks for your beard deeply moisturizing hair smoother and elastic hair nourishes the roots, makes your hair strands thicker, promotes and stimulates the growth of hair follicles.


Effective in rejuvenating and regrowing damaged beard hair, adding shine to your beard, moisturizing the skin under the beards. It stimulates blood flow and blood circulation and this helps beard growth, prevents dandruff and other skin problems. Therefore, castor oil is effective for beard growth, because it takes care of the skin, as well as facial hair.


Fifthly, the USB-15F natural sunscreen, which protects the skin and hair from ultraviolet radiation, which affects the hair's moisture and makes it dry and brittle.

The blocked UVB ratio on the skin depends on the thickness of the beard and the angle of the sun, so how do you know if your beard thick enough or not? 


Your beard is thick enough to avoid the need for some kind of sunscreen on your face? The shortest length provides 0.4 inch thickness protection, and since you are not likely to measure your beard, we have put in your Grace Oil your vegetable sunscreen so that UV rays cannot make your skin or make your beard hair dry and brittle.


Learn how to use Grace Beard Oil:-


- You need to wash your beard before applying the oil, the best time to do so, after taking a hot shower, because it will open the skin pores under the beard so that Grace's beard oil penetrates, It is highly recommended to use a beard conditioner, take a large amount of the balm, use your fingers to massage deeply into the beard, rub it from the roots to the edges of Your fingers, this is important because it helps moisturize your beard. Now, rinse with plenty of water. Make sure there are no residues of the Shampoo, you can now rinse with some cold water that helps close the pores of the skin, this will help you feel refreshed

Take the towel and wipe your beard to dry; do it gently because your beard hair is sensitive when wet, you can use a hair dryer to help dry your beard.


We still have some important tips from Nobaj and information on how to use other Grace products and cosmetics for beard care. Follow us! 

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