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Beard Conditioner 100ML -2 Set

Beard Conditioner 100ML -2 Set

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Take your beard to the next level with Grace Beard Conditioner.


Beard Conditioner bundle from Grace

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Beard Conditioner offer from Nobaj 


➤ Shop with Nobaj, Grace’s perfect beard conditioner, with 2 bottles of 100 ml each. The beard Conditioner has the best price with pure natural ingredients that are fully integrated with the beard oil from Grace  and gives optimal results.

➤The conditioner acts as a cleansing shampoo for beard and mustache, and features a fragrant Cedar aroma, and adds softness and freshness to both facial hair and face skin, it  moisturizes the hair making it easier to comb and attracts those around you with the beauty of its smell. It is complementary to the oil.


➤ As for the components of one pack of beard Conditioner from Grace are as follows:-

➜ A unique blend of pink marshmallow root oil that promotes hair growth with its high plant protein content and its ability to soften and straighten hair naturally and make combing easier.

➜ Vitamin E helps to improve blood circulation in the scalp, treat damaged hair follicles, and thus stimulate healthy hair growth.Vitamin E also contains antioxidants that protect body tissues from erosion, thereby reducing the risk of premature graying.

➜ Apricot butter is rich in important vitamins that help you increase the density of beard hair and protect it from hair breakage.

➜ The Oregano Leaf Extract deeply moisturizes the coarse and dry beard hair and makes it softer and gives you easier control of the bristles.

➜ Soybean oil contains vitamins and fatty acids that help penetrate deeply into the hair to moisturize and improve its growth, increasing its density and softness.



➤The best way to use the beard Conditioner:-

The package must be shaken well before proceeding to use


  1. Wash your beard thoroughly with warm water and then gently massage an appropriate amount of conditioner over the entire wet chin hair evenly (use more with a thick chin).
  2. Use a medium hair brush to detangle and straighten hair.
  3. Let the conditioner work for 3-5 minutes, then wash your beard thoroughly with cold water.


➤ It is recommended to use the conditioner twice a week for better results.


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