Our Vision in Nobaj

We are looking to improve the personal care products industry in the Gulf by harvesting high quality organic and natural materials which are assembled and manufactured under our supervision with the cooperation of specialists in the health and beauty field. We are looking to ensure the best quality, the most affordable prices along with the most personalized experience that suits our customers


➤ Our Mission


Our target is to make personalized experiences for our customer, and that's why we manufacture our products according to a massive market research done by our marketing department and production department as well to make sure that the product matches the aspirations and expectations of our target audience.


➤ Our History


Our rising company started in Dubai in 2018, targeting the Gulf community in order to improve the personal care products by implementing new ones that depend mainly on organic and natural raw materials in the manufacturing process. Our first project was working on a qualified formula to get the best product for beard along with a specialized doctor. That's when we introduced "Grace®” to be our first product which was launched in August 2019. Soon we will have many new products for personal care; aligned with our vision toward introducing nature to be the most beneficial resource of health and beauty


➤ Our Firstborns



Our first product was a beard care product; to strengthen, and moisturize the hair and prevent its loss. We introduced the product into the market with 3 formulas helps each other to achieve our targeted effect while committing ourselves to assure that the product is mainly made of natural oils that have absolutely no side effects after specialists’ consultation.

  1. Grace® Beard Oil.
  2. Grace® Beard Conditioner.
  3. Grace® Balm.


 ➤ Our Departments


↦ Research & Development Department:

Responsible for researching the local market to be able to address the customers’ needs by developing the personalized products based on Gulf identity, as well as researching the global market to collect the needful information regarding the new aspects and performance-based products to keep up with the international measurements and achieve the maximum satisfaction for our customers.


↦ Quality Department

After researching and developing the product, the role of our quality team of health and beauty specialists comes to action, as they are reviewing the formula components, effects, and quality of the results according to their experience and most recent global researches regarding the product type


↦ Manufacturing & Logistics Department:

The next step after confirming the quality of product is to manufacture it through our contracted trusted factory – according to the best product manufacturing process around the globe – then ship it to our warehouse in Dubai where it become available to be shipped to our customers as per their orders


Marketing Department

The department is responsible for introducing the product and clarifying its effects along with mentioning our vision in a simple way to reach our target audience. Also, study the market for its latest news and products in order to deliver the best message. Also, adjust promotional campaigns and apply our best offers for our current and possible clients


 ↦Customer Service Department

The last first step, our customer care department is available to make sure that your satisfaction is met as it is our main global goal. Also, we will be more than happy to receive your inquiries, suggestions, and feedback in order to improve the quality of the service and products to achieve the satisfaction and meet the highest expectations of our customers.